About Reputection

Applicant Privacy Policy

Reputection.com™ is committed to our applicant’s and our client’s privacy. This privacy policy is meant to apply to the information that applicants submit to us. We are dedicated to protecting and using the information you disclose to us only for its intended purpose.

Why do we collect your personal information?

We collect your personal information to investigate whether or not you are qualified for employment. In order to reach a hiring decision we need to make sure that you as an applicant are right for the job here at Reputection.com™. No decision can ever be made without any solid, personal information to back up any reasons for employment.

Why do we collect your social security number?

There are a number of reasons for why we collect your social security number during the application process. In order to verify the employee’s identity, our administrative team here at Reputection.com™ will refer to the applicant’s social security number. The applicant’s social security number is useful with background checks, investigating the applicant’s work history, payroll processing, and worker’s compensation benefits. The insurance and benefits that Reputection.com™ provides for its employees such as health insurance, welfare, fringe benefits, and retirement all require a social security number for verification. Just remember that giving out your social security is voluntary, but by not disclosing it you do risk the chances of your application being delayed. Also, by not disclosing your social security number you risk the prevention or delay of any employee benefits and other administration functions.

How do we collect your personal information?

The information Reputection.com™ collects about you is mainly through your employee application. Other attached documents that you may send in with your application. We might also receive or seek out third parties to collect information about you when necessary. These third party sources of information are collected only in regards to: verifying your information such as your education, to follow up on your provided references, or to conduct background investigations. This information will only be collected with your knowledge and authorization. Our privacy policy does not apply to the privacy policies of third parties. If we request any sort of information from sources other than the applicant, we will make sure to contact the applicant directly.

How do we disclose personal information?

Only the staff and personnel here at Reputection.com™ will have access to your personal information. No one else will have access. Reputection.com™ employees that do have access to your personal information will not use the information or speak of it unless it is for its intended purpose. The only time we will disclose your information is when a governmental agency or some kind of law requires us to do so. You can read more about Reputection.com's Law Enforcement Disclosure/Communication Policy by clicking here.

How can you access and change your information?

You need to have an employee account on the Reputection.com™ site, which will give you all of the tools necessary for updating, changing, or deleting information. We will only keep your information as long as you are being evaluated to work at Reputection.com™. Once you are officially hired, your personal information will be used to keep a record but not for any other investigative purposes.

Are there any safeguards for my personal information?

There are a number of precautions that we will take in order to secure all of your information. We take special precautions when dealing with our applicant’s personal information, as the law requires it.

Once we make a decision about your application, we will contact you based on the information you provided.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information stated above, contact us via email at employment@reputection.com or call (929) 382-7010.