About Reputection

Law Enforcement Disclosure & Communication Policy

At Reputection.com, we are all about second chances. We often employ Felons and individuals with criminal backgrounds. At times State and/or Federal Parole Agents request information regarding the whereabouts of their parolee or probationer. We make all attempts to be as transparent as possible.

However, since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic; Reputection.com has integrated telecommuting for ALL of it's employees and this has created situations that need to be dealt with securely. The whereabouts or day-to-day dealings with an employee are deemed private and confidential under the New York State Guidelines for Employer Confidentiality Act. Our applicants, Employees and/or Subcontractors can rest assure that your personal information is being transmitted securely to the correct officials for the right reasons and by people qualified by and through Reputection.com and using the latest technology (such as privacy screens, key fob passcode technology and security idling lockdowns) to ensure safety and proper protocol is being administered.

Therefore, all requests must be in writing or can be received electronically by emailing hr@reputection.com. All requests will be verified by ICANN that the requesting domain is officially registered to a police agency and that the requesting agent/officer is conducting official business in regards to the person of interest.

If you are planning to request information covered by the New York State Guidelines for Employer Confidentiality Act, please be sure to include the following information: the authority entity, telephone number and address. Also, include the Officer's/Agents name, Badge/ID Number, and contact information (telephone number) for the Officer/Agent.

Written requests :

4250 Veterans Memorial Highway Suite 3060W Holbrook NY 11741